Main Street Trick or Treat.

Hidden razor blades, poison candies, and dangerous strangers… oh my!

With countless news stories exposing these risks during Halloween, how do you make Trick-or-Treating safe and enjoyable for both kids and parents? The City of Cottage Grove, Oregon asked us at Allen Hall Advertising to fix this problem with their Main Street Trick or Treat event in 2015.

With Val, Wanda, Frank, and Mo as our mascots, we came up with a campaign that welcomes everyone to participate in an event that transcends both fun and safety.

Cottage Grove Christmas.

Due to the success of the Halloween event, the City of Cottage Grove asked us to perform our magic once again for their Christmas event. How do you make a Christmas event stand out in a sea of matching Santas and identical decorated trees?

Our campaign shows that classic never goes out of style and a strong social media presence will make an event look like a zebra in a crowd of horses.

My lovely team:
Chris Puma: AHA Co-director
Sonali Sampart: Account manager
Harley Garner: Strategist
Izzy Kramer: Strategist and animator
Delanie Clark: Media Planner
Joey McRobert: Copywriter
Amelia Inouye: Copywrtier
Benson Wink: Intern